Allyssa Soto - World Language

Bienvenidos and welcome! My name is Señora Soto (Zoss)! After graduating from Emery and earning my Bachelors degree from South Dakota State University, I came back to my hometown and am now the Spanish Journalism and ENL teacher at B-E.

While attending SDSU, I studied abroad four different times, each time in a Spanish-Speaking country. I learned the majority of my Spanish in Spain and bit from Mexico and Peru. I did a lot more traveling, then decided to come back to SDSU to finish my education degree. I did my student teaching at Tri-Valley School District and taught Spanish at Deubrook Area Schools for 2 school years. I then moved back to Emery, got married, and started the long process of remodeling our first home together. We are also happy to announce that we are expecting our first baby in February!


I love working with kids of all ages and am very passionate about the Spanish language and culture. Traveling to so many countries has made me a much stronger teacher because I am constantly able to call on cultural experiences and tie them into every unit. I am looking forward to an exciting year!


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at