2019 Minntex, Butterbraid, & Coffee Orders


Hello Bridgewater and Emery community members,


The Minntex, Butterbraid, and Coffee order forms for the FCCLA, FFA, and after prom fundraisers went out with all the high school students on October 29th. Each high school student has the same packet so if you would like to make a purchase you may talk to them and place your order. You can also call the high school office (449-4271) and place your order with Angie. Checks can be made out to B-E School. The order forms have also been attached to this email so you can view the items and prices.


All orders and money are due on November 8th and we are expecting delivery sometime during the 2nd week of December, but do not know a specific date yet.   


If you have any questions or concerns please reach out to Frankie Nelson (Frankie.nelson@k12.sd.us) or Jim Kaufman (jim.kaufman@k12.sd.us).


Thank you for your continued support of our programs.