Mrs. Ramsdell's Lesson Plans

Welcome to Mrs. Ramsdell's Lesson Plan Page. Remember that lesson plans may change at at any given time. If you have questions, please email me at

High School:

Drawing a white cup on a white background.

Due April 24th at 1:00 PM

Upload your assignment to Google Classroom


The artist uses various kinds of charcoal. If you have charcoal I invite you to use it. He also has a white eraser which you all should have as this was on your supply list. If you do not have this use what you have. Sketch paper is good to have but if you don’t have this draw on typing paper, ruled school paper etc. Have several flat sheets of paper under the paper you
are drawing on.

If you do not have charcoal, take a wood pencil and cut the wood off so you have just the lead to work with. This will force you to use a lighter hand and you will also be able to lay down the lead for the background.


  • Draw the cup the artist is drawing.

  • Value - follow along and focus on various levels of value and do not depend entirely on line to define the shape of your mug.

  • Line direction – Know the difference between an outline, contour line and cross contour line. I will look at the direction and kind of line you use so follow along carefully.

  • Shape of mug – be very aware of the shape of the mug. Compare the height of the mug to the width of the mug. Observe the shape of the handle and the negative space inside the handle.

  • I will look for a drawing similar to the one shown in the video.

Finally, photograph your drawing as it develops.
Upload the photos of your drawing similar to the ones shown and in the same order. This will show me the development of your drawing. This is essential. I will grade each drawing so be sure you upload 10 drawings in correct order. Let me know if you have questions. Hopefully everyone has paper, pencil, eraser.

Middle School:

Fill the paper with Circles, Teardrops, and Lines


  • Black Fine Point Marker, Medium Point Black Marker and Fine Point Black Marker or Black Gel Pen. If you only have one kind of marker or pen you will simply need to go over some lines to make them thicker.

  • 8 ½” x 11” Paper

Assignment Goals:

  • The goal of this assignment is two-fold. The first is to work with repeating pattern and to create the sense of unity, space and variety.

  • The second goal is to meditate. This assignment should not be seen as busy work and something to finish in a hurry but something to create that allows your mind to be engaged and also to relax. In times like these it was my goal to introduce you to the idea of meditation and drawing.

To get started watch this video and follow along.

You will all have this drawing on your page. As you notice however her drawing does not fill the page. I want you to continue to develop your drawing and fill the page.


  • Start with the initial drawing from the video (Following directions)

  • Demonstrate the ability to use a variety of thickness of line and have a single line vary in thickness. Look at the teardrop shapes in the video. They are thicker at the wider end of the tear drop and thinner at the narrow end.

  • Quality of line. Hold your pen to the paper and practice making deliberate marks. Do not hatch at the paper or draw quickly as this shows up in the quality of your line.

  • Detail. Once you have finished filling the paper with circles, teardrops and lines, evaluate your drawing and ask yourself where you may be able to add other kinds of lines.

Take a photograph of your drawing with the design at the end of watching and drawing with the video.
Photograph your final piece and upload it to Google Classroom. Be sure the light and camera angle is good so that I can see your designs.

I will send you an invitation to Zoom with me on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at 8:15 to answer any questions you may have. If this time doesn’t work email me and we can schedule a different time.

Have fun and relax! Ms R.