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Cork Golder - Custodian

My name is Cork Golder, and I have been working as a custodian in Bridgewater for the past 17 years. I graduated from Bridgewater High School in 1985 and currently live here with my wife, Brenda. We have three grown children: Kyle (29), Nick (25), and Haley (22).


My main duties as a custodian entail keeping things clean and safe for students and staff along with maintaining the building, equipment, etc. I love my job because I get to work with my hands, but also because the kids keep me entertained with their different personalities. I enjoy their playfulness and their sense of humor. 


In my spare time, I enjoy fishing and hunting. It is just something that is in my blood. As kids, we grew up outside doing those things, and I find them very relaxing now that I am older. One day, my dream would be to take a trip to Alaska and test my fishing skills in those waters. 

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