Child Nutrition Services

The goal of the Bridgewater Emery Child Nutrition Program is to provide high quality, nutritious meals to all students in our schools. We offer breakfast and lunch at each school building. Menus are available by clicking the appropriate link on the right side of this page.

Nutritional meals are a crucial component to a student’s ability to learn. School meals contain a variety of foods and offer students exposure to new foods. Nourished students will generally have better attendance, be more attentive and have more energy to cope with school-day activities. We invite parents at the elementary schools to come eat lunch with students. 

Free or Reduced Price Meal Applications can be filled out online with the link below or are available for download at the right of this web page. You are also able to pick an application up at either school's main office. 


Wellness Committee Information

The Wellness Committee involves Parents, PE Teachers, School Administrators, Students, School Health Professionals, General Public, School Food Service and School Board Members.

If anyone is interested in being on the committee or has any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Jason Bailey at 605-729-2541 or