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What is National Honor Society?

The National Honor Society (NHS) is an organization which recognizes student achievements in academics, leadership and character.   To qualify students must complete five semesters of high school and receive a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or better.  If students meet this requirement they are eligible to apply for NHS.  Once all applications are collected, a group of four or five staff members meet to discuss the candidates and decide if they are worthy to enter into NHS.  Once all candidates are notified, a formal induction ceremony welcomes the new members.


Freshman and Sophomore students can be recognized as incentive NHS members if they meet the requirement of having a cumulative grade point average of 3.25 or better.  Being an incentive member means they are on track to becoming an official NHS member as a junior.   These students are also welcomed to attend the induction ceremony and are recognized for their achievements.


Advisor: Olivia Forman



Abigal Arend

Jamin Arend

Tessa Burnham

Taylor Clark

Jevin Eddy

Vanessa Hofer

Sydney Hoffman

Ashley Horvath

Darby Hurd

Katelyn Kotas

Kristin Kotas

Mercedes Mesman

Cate Meyer

Joslyn Schrank

Sarah Schultz

Sawyer Schultz

Jada Wethor

Sierra Wollmann


Incentive Candidates 3.0


Bodie Burnham

Viola DeMott

Ben Duerksen

Camden Dye

Brock Hofer

Marah Hofer

Sara Hofer

Brandon Jansen

Brooks Jansen

Connor Kerkhove

Tyler Kjetland

Keesha Letcher

Shaylee Longe

Kerrigan Schultz

Rylee Schultz

Jackson Stahl

Morgan Terveen

Shelby Tolle

Johanna Tusha

Hunter Uptagrafft

Katrina VanSickle

Alex Waldner

Ashley Waldner

Michael Waldner

Members Inducted on Dec. 4, 2018:

Kinzer Glanzer

Chase Arend

Bailey Haiar

Jonah Hofer

Sophia Potter

Haley Schulz

Jasmine Tschetter

Katrina Weber

Kennedee Weber

Lindsey Weeldreyer


Ayriss Andrews

Hunter Bailey

Grace DiGiovanni

Geno Donvito

Jackson Harberts

Julie Jaeger

Cortney Kayser

Koby Kayser

Braxton Longe

Cara Meyer

Casey Meyer

Sophia Robocker

Kaitlyn Roskens

Taylor Schallenkamp

Chloe Schmitt

Sonja Schultz

Morgan Uptagrafft

Jared Vinz

Jordyn Vinz

Carson Weber

Julia Weber

Aaron Wollmann

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