Bridgewater-Emery One-Act Play

“One-Act Play” is one of three speech activities, in addition to “Oral Interpretation” and “Debate & Individual Events,” offered through the South Dakota High School Activities Association.  The One-Act Play Festival is held annually, starting with region competitions in January for Class A and Class B schools.  The festival provides an opportunity to present a one-act play production to others and to see the productions of other schools in the state.  Each school is allowed 45 minutes in which to set up, perform the play, and strike the set.  Students receive constructive feedback from a panel of three judges immediately after the performance at both the region and state levels.  Two Class B schools from each region advance to the state competition.  There are currently eight Class B regions in South Dakota with approximately eight schools per region.  


Region 1-B Festival

  • Date: January 29, 2025

  •  Location: University of Sioux Falls

State Festival:

  • Date: Feb. 6-8, 2025

  • Location: South Dakota State University; Brookings, SD

Congratulations to the following students for earning multiple awards for their performance of At the Bottom of Lake Missoula at the 2024 State One-Act Play Festival:  

  • "Superior Ensemble" award for the supporting cast of Quinton Berg, Alex Clark, Thomas Clark, Tessa DeWitt, Oscar Fink, Austin Kjetland, Brynna Koerner, Tucker Stacken, Katrina Thon, Dylan Wollman, and Ginny Zorr. 

  • "Superior Performer" award for Alaina Olson.

  • "Superior Play" award for all 12 cast members and the crew of Cash Martinez and Cadence Romereim.

Advisor: Valerie Marsh