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Bridgewater-Emery Elementary School provides facility space for both the SCCD, Inc. Head Start Program and the Cornbelt Coop Special Education Preschool Program. For more information on these programs, please contact the teachers listed below:

HS Preschool info.PNG

The Cornbelt Educational Cooperative consists of a group of school districts joined together to form an educational service unit authorized under South Dakota law. Organized in 1979 to provide speech, language and hearing services, the Cooperative has since expanded to offer a variety of regular and special education services for children.

Mission Statement​

The Cornbelt Educational Cooperative believes that equal opportunities and access to programs for all students is part of the purpose of education and should be enjoyed by all students. The Cooperative functions to enhance those educational services and opportunities for all students and to encourage maximum utilization of cooperative efforts among school districts.

If you would like more information on early childhood services through the Cornbelt Educational Cooperative, please contact:

Brenda Kocer

Early Childhood Special Eductor


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