Sue Rayman - Reading

My name is Sue Rayman. This will be my 7th year with the Bridgewater-Emery School District. I was with the Emery School District for 24 years before that. Currently, I am teaching Reading with the 6-7-8 graders. I did teach Math for many years. After Christmas, I spend quality time with the 8th grade class between Oral Interp and 8th Grade Projects.  This will be my first year as co-director of the play with Patti Lager!


My hometown is Salem. My husband and I farmed for many years near Salem.  After his passing, I moved into town.  My son, Mitch, and his family, also live in Salem. My daughter, Mindy, and her family live in Sioux Falls. I have four adorable grandchildren and a big fat cat named Katniss Everdeen.


Among my many hobbies are: reading every suspense book I can get my hands on, yoga, Zumba, circuit training and traveling. The Twins and the Vikings are my favorite sports teams. Following my favorite golfers, too numerous to mention, is another favorite.


Words to live by – “Life is Good.”