Terri Shape - Paraprofessional

What can I say? I love my job! There is nothing more satisfying than watching a child grow and learn and to know you played a part in their success! As much as I love working with the kids, I love the opportunity to play and laugh with them!


I was born in Portsmouth, Ohio and after a few years in Florida (while dad was in the Navy), we moved to South Dakota. I started school in Freeman and ended up graduating from Emery High School. In my early 50's, it was time to further my growth, so I went on and earned my Child Development Associate Degree (CDA). I have been married to my other half, Jamie, for almost 30 years; I have four great kids, Jeremy, Cassidy, Jerico, Duel. Blessed to have seven grandkids, Cash, Gavin, Aubree, Emerson, Leander, Isaac, Reddic. What a blessed woman I am!!


I have many interests and things I enjoy. Music, reading, spending time with my family, dogs, horses...I could go on!  A few of my favorites would be a medium rare Ribeye, Super Natural with Sam and Dean, my “old” house and all the “old” things in it, classic country music, The Band Duel, watching my grandkids show livestock, spending time with my grandkids, movies, and popcorn. I look forward to a bright and exciting future in both my career and family!